16.10.02 - 11.11.02 >> Pœivi Hagström >> Non-functional Spaces

OPEN AIR STUDIO  16 Oktober until 21 oktober 
The first week of  the exhibition of Pœivi Hagström MOGEN functioned as an "open air studio" for discussions and 
sketching on the subject of non-functional spaces. 

Non-functional spaces
Non-functional spaces are spaces without a specific function in a city or society. 
Dead corners, walk-through rooms, abandoned areas: useless rooms for city planning, still vital places  for 
exhaling. Aim of the project is to locate some of these spaces in the outlined  area of central Rotterdam. 
Documenting them in the form of photography. Discovering  their specific character in order to eventually visually 
mark them. 

24 October until 11 november
One of the results is to realise and built an installation in the exhibition space of morgen, 
non-functional space as such.